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Learn how to meet, pick up, attract, flirt with,
seduce, date, make a girlfriend out of, and marry
the kind of woman you have always wanted –
NO MATTER what you look like or how old you are.

A lot of the dating GURUs will give you advice on how to meet, pick up, attract, flirt with, and seduce women. But WHY do you think no other Guru tells you how to do all of the above, and then tell you how to turn these "meetings" into girlfriends or wives, and then how to keep them forever?

Because they DON’T KNOW HOW.They even admit it . Don’t believe me? Check out the major gurus right here  - David DeAngelo, David M., Mystery, Neil Strauss  - come back when you are done. I don’t have to hide from my competitors because my stuff is ten times better. So go ahead, check them out.  I’ll wait……………

……Back ok, now let’s continue.

Not only are my techniques 10 times better because they are:

1) Natural - you don't have to be anybody but you, or do or say things you are uncomfortable with.

2) Technologies not  strategies - I close 80-90% of the women I meet in ANY situation - bars, clubs, internet dating, friends of friends, walking down the street, in the grocery store, etc. and with ANY personality type. WHY? Because I use communication technologies NOT strategies. The other dating gurus give you more-or-less shot gun strategies that only work on 1 out of five, 1 out of ten, or 1 out of 100 women, or only work in certain situations (Like bars and clubs or the internet) or they only work with certain personality types (like bitches!). Communication Technologies are what I use to develop and create strategies. I show you how to  develop your own unique strategies that are 100% RIGHT for you!

3) Coordinated with having a relationship. My techniques set you up for a sound relationship from the very beginning.  Many of the things these other Dating Gurus teach you will get you a date, maybe even some sex,  but they doom  a real relationship  from the very beginning.

BUT the best thing is my techniques simply work better even if you aren't interested in a relationship. If you simply want to meet women and get laid the rest of your life, my techniques work ten times better than the other GURUS' do.

How do I know my stuff is ten times better? Well, frankly you may not be able to tell from reading our internet promotion pages like this one. After all, it probably ALL sounds like sales hype to you.  But I could tell, because I already knew how to meet women and I got their materials and read and listened to them. (You see, I am always trying to improve my abilities and learn new things.) I was ASTONISHED to learn that the so called GURUS’ statistics were not as good as mine. And when I wrote to some of them and explained that I tried their program but was getting worse results than I normally got and asked what I might be doing wrong….I never heard back from them. 

Now these guys aren’t a complete waste of time. Quite the opposite. If you have a lot of money and want to maximize your learning, buy ALL of their books.They are good guys and you can learn some real truth from each one of them. But the problem is, their strategies work, BUT ONLY on a certain type of woman, or only in certain situations, and only part of the time. Their strategies are numbers games – they work on 1 out of 5, 1 out of 10 women, 1 out of twenty times, etc. But, they DO work.

None of their strategies work in ALL situations and with ALL personalities, however, and none of their strategies will necessarily lead to a successful relationship – AND THEY KNOW IT.  That is why they all back off from telling you anything about relating to women successfully.

And their strategies ALL require you to assume a different personality. To BE someone you may not feel comfortable being.

My materials work for ALL situations and for ALL personality types. YOU can be YOU! 

David DeAngelo's motto is “Double Your Dating.” Well my motto is “Ten Times Your Dating.” (See my eReport – How I Got 700 Dates In One Year)

MYSTERY tells you how to pick up a certain kind of beautiful hot woman in clubs. Well I’ve been using the same techniques he does, probably before he was even born. His techniques work - but only on a certain type of club woman. I’ll show you how to pickup ANY WOMAN in a club. Because I cover ALL the personality types and I give you three radically different club techniques. (Click here for free sample of these techniques.) 

David M. is the internet Dating GURU, but when I compared my Internet statistics to his, I was getting twice as many responses and three times as many dates than he was. (And that is after my rejecting 85% of the women who wanted to meet me.)

Moreover, YOU may not want the kind of woman who responds to “Cocky and Funny.” Or you may not want to meet women in Bars and Clubs. Or you may not want to meet the kind of women who dates on the internet.

Even Neil Stauss (Style) says "THE GAME IS CHANGING" men using the so called GURU's techniques are getting busted. WHY? Too many men have been taught the same thing. So lines that use to work are now being busted on by women. YES, I do give you plenty of quick lines and strategies to get you moving right away, but the main thrust of my book, Dating To Relating - From A to Z, is to give you the tools to develop your own unique strategies. My book doesn't breed copy cat pick up artists. It educates men to be good observers and communicators so they can meet women and maintain relationships effortlessly.

I don't have a game. I have a technology. And I give it to you. Women will never be able "bust" my basic  technology  because my basic technology is "good communication." And women "love it" even if they do know what you are doing! In other words my book doesn't make a bunch clones that ALL will get busted sooner or later. It  makes men!

RELATING TO WOMEN SUCCESSFULLY begins with what you say and do when you first meet them.

In my book Dating To Relating, from A to Z. you won’t learn random techniques that will help you meet women but won’t end up in a successful relationship. Everything I show you will help you transist from meeting the women that you want in the situation that you want to relating to them successfully. 

And I’ll GUARANTEE it. I know what I am talking about. (Click here to learn more about Mr. L. Rx)

MOST IMPORTANTLY, I teach you how to BE YOURSELF and meet, and date, and relate to women. You don’t have to take on someone else’s personality to be successful at meeting and relating to women . 

I teach you things like

  • How to prospect for and qualify women so that you have a 80-90% close rate on meeting them and asking for a date. (And these will be women who like you for being you!) 
  • How to adjust what you say and how you say it according to the personality type you are meeting.
  • I teach you situational strategies – not shot gun strategies – I close 80-90% of the women I approach and I will show you how to MEET any type of women in any TYPE of situation and close her.
  • I teach you how to use PICK UP lines and give you PICK UP technique laid out for different situations
  • I teach you how to develop your own PICK UP lines and PICK UP technique from the principles I show you and apply them to different situations.
  • I teach you exact techniques for approaching different types of women and establishing a relationship ( CLICK HERE for an EXAMPLE right now. This example will show you how different types of women require different strategies.
  • I teach you to understand how different types of women think and how to approach each type.
  • I teach you how to approach a women without feeling uncomfortable – no matter who you are and how you feel about yourself, I help you get comfortable approaching and talking to women.
  • What a woman's feet have to do with it? That's right—I’ll teach you how feet can be a guide to SANITY in meeting and relating to women.  (CLICK HERE to Check It Out NOW if You Want to.)
  • Learn how to understand women and to use subtle and gradient communications that women use. 
  • Learn how to get women to approach you, and make the moves on you first.
  • Learn how to reject girls - let them down easy. Get use to it. You'll have so many girls, you'll have to let a few of them go!
  • Learn how to define what your ideal woman is so you know what you are prospecting for.
  • Learn exact strategies for meeting women in different settings -- bars, street, stores, etc.
  • Learn how to establish "Future" with a woman. Relationships start here.
  • Learn how to establish "Future" with a women walking down the street, in the mall, etc. (CLICK HERE to read an excerpt from by book on how to create FUTURE when meeting women.)
  • Learn exact techniques for what to do on the first date so you don't blow it.
  • Exact techniques for what to do on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, etc. dates so you don't blow it.
  • And once you make it that far I'll even tell you how to develop your budding relationship.

Dating to Relating – From A to Z


Here are some excerpts from the book (Go ahead and read them – its free information- perhaps ALL you will ever need):

            How To Pick Up Women in Bars And Clubs

            How To Tell If a Woman Has a Compatible Personality in 10 seconds.

How to Establish “Future” When Meeting and Picking Up Women

            The Art of Seduction – A Classic Example

            How To Make Love To a Woman



Well, these are just a FEW PAGES from my 196 page eBook. So, let’s get down to business. Dating To Relating – From A to Z ORDER NOW  to get the most powerful information you will probably ever see in your life. And if you ORDER NOW I’ll give you two more eBooks for FREE.

Now you can buy ALL of these eBooks on our website, DatingToRelating.com, BUT NEVER AGAIN will you see this package at this special introductory price. HERE IT IS:


How I got 700 Dates in One Year. 

Why settle for doubling your dating when you can 10 x it!



A special instantly downloadable report to get you to JUMP START your love life.

Don't sit around the house wondering when you will ever date again when within hours you can get started meeting and dating 100s of women in the coming year.

Mr. L. Rx has done it and still does it, and he will show you HOW!

In this concise, downloadable, easy to read and easy to implement report you will learn:

-- TWO separate proven TECHNIQUES for generating 100's of dates a year

-- TECHNIQUES that are FAST, and SIMPLE to learn, and that you can START implementing them IN A COUPLE OF HOURS  from now. That's right in just a few hours from now you can be on your way to generating 100's of dates a year. It is that POWERFUL. So powerful, that I'LL guarantee it. If you try my techniques and they don't work for you. I'll give you your money back NO QUESTIONS ASKED

-- TECHNIQUES that don't require you to have any understanding of women at all. You can be shy, UGLY, and a geek and they will work.  IN FACT these TECHNIQUES will not only get you 100's of dates, but the sheer experience of going out on 100s of dates will give you a better understanding of women than anything you could ever read in a book--anything that I or any other GURU could ever say to you.

-- This REPORT is GUARANTEED to change your love life. That is why I wrote it.

BONUS # 2 – (A Compilation From Mr. L. Rx.)


This is another Giant Compilation eBook from Mr. L. Rx.

over 80 pages of crammed pack knowledge.


Here are some of the things you will learn in this compilation


Sexual Mistakes - 8 Common Ones Guys Make
How to talk dirty to women 
Good sex for women
What women find boring in the bedroom
How to keep that romance sizzling
Female Erogenous Zones - 4 To Target and Drive Your Partner Wild
Female Erogenous Zones - Tips To Drive Her Wild 
Last Longer in Bed - Last longer By Controlling Your Breathing
Lasting Longer In Bed - 8 Tips For Better Sex
Better Sex - 8 Essential Lovemaking Tips For Great Sex!
Lovemaking Tip - Hit These Areas & Drive Your Partner Wild With Desire!
Become a Better Lover - A Man's Guide to Satisfying Their Partner
Become a Better Lover - 10 Common Mistakes Guys Make!
Fifty Mistakes Men Make When Having Sex 
The seven secrets of successful sex 
Satisfying Your Partner - Top Mistakes Guys Make
Cunnilingus 101 - How To Give Your Partner Maximum Pleasure
35 Sex Tips to Spice up Your Love life
The Tao of Thrusting in Sexual Intercourse 
Increase Sexual Desire For Men - The Exercise of the Deer
Getting More From Sex - Keeping Your Sex Life Alive!
Tantric Sex - Tantra Exercises for Maximum Sexual Stamina
Sexual Massage - How To Enhance Any Relationship
Female Seduction - What Women Expect and How To Succeed With Them!
Female Erogenous Zones - Secrets To Drive Her Wild With Your Tongue
Cunnilingus - Tips for Pleasing Her


You get “Dating To Relating” and 2 BONUS eBooks:


Dating To Relating – From A to Z             $ 39.95

How I Got 700 Dates In One year             $ 20.00

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This is the complete package. This is everything you need to know to be a raving success with women.

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PLUS MY UNCONDITIONAL  MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. Read the books and apply the materials for 8 weeks. If you are not satisfied for any reason. I’ll give you your money back. NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

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I am in a new place in my life.  In my opinion the material in Dating to Relating can change the entire sexual/romantic landscape of America and the planet.  Men need this knowledge!

I feel like I understand women for the first time in my life and they apparently can sense it. The most notable change is that I am completely relaxed in the presence of women, even many women, in any circumstance. This has never been the case at any prior time in my entire life.

Thank you, Mr. L. Rx.  I believe you are the world's preeminent authority on the subjects of dating, romance, and sex.  You have changed my life forever.  Thank you!



Wow.  My mind is totally blown.  To kingdom come.

After reading Dating to Relating by Mr. L. Rx an entire lifetime of confusion has lifted off me and I can finally understand what is going on with women and how to relate to and deal with them, and with confidence that I am doing the right thing.


Wow I can't believe it, your book is the BIBLE of dating and relating. 

David Deangelo, Mystery and Neil Strauss  look like kindergarten teachers compared to you.  This is totally amazing stuff.


This is life changing material....


You not only helped me get my ex-girlfriend back in three weeks (the things these other guys say don't bother trying to do - and she is totally digging me more than ever.)


This is not just about dating and relating to women. Your book helped me learn how to relate to my  boss, my co-workers and all my friends at a new level. This is totally amazing. If the Pope ever takes a poll I'm voting for you for sainthood!


I applied what you said about "feet angels" and I got rid of my old girlfriend and met the most incredible woman that I am totally compatible with.

Thanks a lot Mr. L. Rx.


I am girl, but I getting all my brothers and guy friends to read your material. You got it nailed honey.  I want guys to treat me just like you tell them to.


I went out and developed my own technique just like your book taught me. And it is so cool I am being totally me and I am totally comfortable with what I am doing. I'm a little on the short side and balding so I've always had a bit of uncomfortableness and shyness when meeting women. But now I don't have to try to be cocky and funny and other crazy stuff that just wasn't me. Best of all I'm getting girls left and right. I can't believe that no one else knows the stuff that you are teaching. My gratitude to you, Mr. L. Rx.  You are totally incredible


I didn't have time to read the whole book when I got it,  so I just read the chapter on how to pick up women walking down the street, etc. It's awesome dude it works. I've been trying for years but the girls NEVER call me back or answer the phone. But after doing what you say to do in the chapter, EVERYONE is calling me back and picking up their phone when I call. - THANKS!.


I met a P**** Tease in a club and man your stuff worked just like you said it would.

She was all over me in minutes and told me I was the most interesting guy she had ever met. She came over to my house and totally seduced me three days later.

WOW man. Thanks!!!




Awesome Information.


Your book is great. Your stuff really works. The feet thing is amazing.


Wow ! It works, dude.


My Girlfriend loves you Mr. L. Rx. She said to tell you thanks!


(From a female) I read these man books all the time to help me understand men better. Just like you say all the gurus know a little bit about something that works some of the time, but none of them have it all - until you.  I have to say you are the first and only guy that really knows what he is talking about. You cover it all from diverse personalities and situations and from dating to relating. And the thing about feet is totally wild but I've been looking - its accurate. I'm telling all my male friends about you. 


AND FREE MINI COURSE (How To Be A Great Lover.)

l love it


It's cool




Your emails have helped me a lot.....

and now my girlfriend is keen to learn from you too


I am really happy to join this group


Thanks all


It is great to go through your materials. They are very helpful indeed. 


Thanks for the free mini course your offering me...

its pretty interesting I have learnt some thing from this course


Mine is to appreciate your good and useful lessons. I find them helpful, educative and practicable.  Keep up your good work for the betterment of our relationships.


Thank you for your free service.


Thanks - I am very happy too for all that I have received from your website.


Its working - Thanks its working! I tried and for once my woman thanked me.


I am glad about your teachings and I am happy!.


You are great MR.L.RX


Thank you very much for all the free messages I have been receiving from you.

They have been so very useful to me


Thank you so very much cos you are really doing a great job.


You got it all right man, the mini-course you sent me really does wonders.

Last night I applied almost 60% of the moves and my girlfriend couldn`t stop smiling.

She actually asked me that, who taught me the moves and I just smiled. Thanks man! Keep sending.



You get “Dating To Relating” and 2 BONUS eBooks:


Dating To Relating – From A to Z             $ 39.95

How I Got 700 Dates In One year             $ 20.00

How To Be A Great Lover                         $ Priceless

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