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How To Meet Women In Bars and Clubs
Copyright © 2007 Mr L.Rx
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Okay, so last time I told you about how to pick up "Love Girls" in bars and clubs. Here, in this follow up article I'm going to tell you how to pick up the "Beautiful Teases."

As I told you in my last article "Would You Like To Know How To Pick Up Women In Bars And Clubs?" ( when I was a young man, I worked the bar scene every day for six months straight. I made lots of observations for months. This eventually led to my being very successful picking up women in clubs.

One observation I made over the course of time were the beautiful women, who purposely teased men. Let's call them The Teases. They flirted with you, but when you went over to hit on them, they would eventually go cold, after a while they would totally ignore you. This tease left you totally confused, after all, how many women flirt with you, hit up on you? She had to like you, right? Well, these girls always had a cadre of frustrated men following them wherever they went, kissing their butts and confused.

I began to notice that the only guys who ever left with these teases, or ended up dating them, were the guys who totally ignored them, who seemed like they could care less. Then one day I just got it. It came to me in a brainstorm.

I realized that you had to ignore a tease, get her to hit on you and keep her hitting on you all the way into bed by continuing to ignore her. But the question was: How do you communicate to someone you are ignoring? Well, the answer ended up in a technique similar to what "Mystery" uses these days.

I would simply walk over to one of theses hot teases, position myself right next to her (but not looking at her--sort of shoulder to shoulder--close enough that she could hear me but not close enough that she would take my position as showing any interest in her) and then I would wait for another hot girl to walk by or close. As soon as one did, I would shake my head as if to myself, and mutter some comment such as "Is she hot or what?" or "Wow."

No matter what I said it was always a comment on how hot the girl who walked by was. I would always end the comment by looking at the tease, as if she were just some stranger, who I was randomly expressing my delight in "the girl who just walked by" to. WITHOUT FAIL, the tease would very shortly always then tell me in one way or another that guys do to her what I just did to this other girl ALL the time.

(NOW HERE IS THE CLOSE) I would look at her like she was a little nuts, like she wasn't hot at all, but would say very politely (as if feigning politeness) "Really?" or some such comment to get her to talk some more.

Of course they would always go on and on at this point trying to convince me how hot they were, and after 15-30 minutes or so, I would say something like, "Look, maybe you ARE a good looking women, it's just perhaps hard for me to see it because you are definitely NOT my type." (I would then describe my type to be the opposite of whatever they were. If they were blonde, I liked brunettes. If they had large breast, I liked little breasts, etc.)

Then I would say, "But did you ever consider that perhaps men like you NOT for the way you look, but for your personality? Because after listening to you here for a while, I THINK you have a great personality and maybe that is why men like you."

After those words, the Tease was mine. They would invariably say, "Oh my god, I have never met a guy like you in my life. I can't believe you. I have never had a guy say he likes my personality. (Rightfully so, because they were usually perceived by men as cold bitches.) You are so interesting..."

From that point, the girl would invite me out, and generally increase the gradient of flirting and teasing to get a reaction out of me as she typically got from all those other men, and when she didn't get the reaction, she would up the ante of flirting, until she eventually, jumped me (had sex with me) to get a reaction. (It usually took 3 dates.)

But, of course, I knew from months of observation, that if I ever admitted I was attracted to her, if, I ever took the lead and hit on her, or let her know that I was really attracted to her and was lying, it would be over. So, I never did.

Instead, I only complimented her personality, and if I said anything about her physically, I always did it as if I was being polite and trying not to hurt her feelings. Or, I would say something that gave her a sense of progress (the idea that they were winning me over) but never a full compliment--something like "You are still not my type, but you are looking more attractive to me than when I first met you. Who knows, maybe I COULD see you as totally beautiful some day."

Eventually, as I said, they would tease me all the way into bed. And even after sex, when they asked me "Was it good?" I would simply respond, "It was Ok...but that is not important, what is important is that you are a great person, and I really like you." (Now this was never hard to do, because Teases without variation, were the worst lovers as a group that I ever met.)

After a while I got to understand what was really going on with these girls and why they did what they did. They were all beautiful girls who were made to feel unconfident as children. They were all told they were ugly and such things, when they in fact weren't.

So they grew up with low self esteem and were actually very afraid of men. Somewhere along the line, however, they learned that men reacted well to them and that they could get men to do anything they wanted by flirting with them. In their minds, they still did not think men did this because they were good looking, they just thought men did it because men were horny and easy to manipulate.

So, when they flirt with a man, and the man reaches and aggresses back, these girls basically get scared and run away. They are working on their self confidence, however, that is why they are in the bar every day or every weekend. And when I didn't aggress against them sexually, but told them I liked them, I gave them a safe zone.

They weren't afraid of me. So they raised the bar and tried to "win me over" so to speak. Winning me over, made them feel better about themselves. And of course got me sex. This strategy worked 100% of the time.

Now these were a little harder to figure out then the Love Girls described in my first article in this series. But the hardest were the Regular Girls that I will describe in my next article. "Do You Want To Know How To Attract Women In Bars and Clubs?" ( Stay Tuned....

About The Author:
Mr L.Rx gives advice to men on how to meet, date, and relate to women. He is also available for private consultation and coaching. Additional information on this topic is at

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