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Relate To Women




The problem is simple. They only tell you how to meet and attract women. They don't tell you how to RELATE TO WOMEN and KEEP them.


Relationships - what a topic to tackle. Even the mightiest of dating gurus don't tackle that one. WHY? Because it is a lot more complicated then just getting someone to meet you , hang out with you a few times, etc.


A lot of the principles that go into a successful relationship for a man, are the same principles that are required when trying to attract and/or meet women.


First of all, there are different types of relationships that people have. Among the types of sexual relationships men and women have are:


Prostitution (pay for sex)

One night stands

Friends with privileges

Dating with casual sex

Lovers only.

Arrangements (You take care of me, I'll take care of you)

Multiple Lovers


Affairs (cheating on someone)


Living together


Divorce (Yes some people even have sex after marriage, sort of friends with privileges phase again.)


So the first question we have to ask when talking about relationships is "What Kind" of relationship. There are different rules and different procedures for establishing each kind of relationship.


But before we get too far down that direction, let's also remember there are different personality types both for men and women. Different personalities types want different things out of a relationship, they also interact differently -- some compatibly, some boringly, others not so compatibly.


THROW that on top of the different types of relationships and you already have a complicated mess. NO WONDER the DATING GURUS don't tackle this stuff! It is hard to generalize about relationships because the complexities of the above interactions make it a vastly complicated subject.


It takes a guy with REAL EXPERIENCE with ALL KINDS of different relationships and all kinds of different personalities, and a guy who is old enough for his own personality to have undergone various changes throughout his life, to even be half-way qualified to shed some light on this subject.


WELL HERE I AM, Let me introduce myself again. I am Mr. L. Rx.


Been there. Done that.  (For more about Mr. L. Rx CLICK HERE)


And lucky for you, I understand it and can explain it. (I'm not the only guy who has been there and done that, but I may be one of the few who understands it and can explain it SITUATIONALLY and in DETAIL.


EVERYTHING is SITUATIONAL when it comes to meeting and relating to women. Different personalities (yours and the woman's) and different types of relationships require a complexity of different strategies.


Thus you can see it evolves that the strategies or technologies of meeting and relating to women are numerous and complex themselves, because basically you need a different strategy for EACH DIFFERENT SITUATION you find yourself in. Some strategies appear to be the exact opposite of other strategies. (If  you  read  my article about meeting women in bars when I was 25, you will know what I am talking about)


THIS is what most DATING GURUS don't tell you. They learn one strategy that works in one situation, tell you about it and then tell you it is a numbers game.


IT IS NOT A NUMBERS GAME! 90% of the woman I target, I get a date with. 90% of the women I get a first date with, I get and second and third if I want. 99% of the woman who go out with me on a second date with me want a relationship with me. 99% of the woman I go out with who actually want to get married, want to marry me after anywhere from 3 dates (the crazy ones) to a year.


DOES THIS MEAN I am saying you or I can get ANY GIRL he wants. No. I am not saying that. (Although it is possible and I show you "how" in the book under the section on Seduction!) What I am saying is that if you learn the situational technologies of how to meet and relate to women, and you qualify prospects (like any good salesman) - and you will find there are lots of qualified prospects-- you will close a large % of them if you  use the techniques I will be teaching you. (When I say CLOSE I mean that the girl wants a second date with you.   I don't mean that you actually have to go out with 90% of the girls you meet on a second date.  90% of the girls I meet want to go out on a second date with me. However, I only want to go out with about 5% of the girls I meet-not because they are not pretty but because I am beyond that - all the girls I date are pretty, but I am looking for a certain personality that is a good prospect for marriage and I won't settle for anything less.)


Though I will go into each of these complex interactions of relationships and personalities elsewhere, for now, let us stay focused for the moment on the commonalities we find in any of the above relationships.


Just as in music there may be vast difference between genres such a Rap, Country and Western, Pop, and Rock. The differences are so vast that if you were an artist and you approached performing one genre the exact same way you did another- you would be a big time loser. However, still, there are commonalities in music that underlie and are true for all of these genres. Knowing the basics would make you a good musician/performer and give you an ability to cross genre and do well modifying and adding to your basics situationally as the genre demanded.


So let me recap, There are a multitude of relationships. Personality is not a constant for men or women, which two factors themselves generates a huge amount of different strategies or technologies of meeting and relating to women.


BUT, Lucky for you the Commonalities of relating to people are MUCH MORE IMPORTANT than the situational variables. Because the big mistakes you make in relating to people and woman are violating BASIC common principles. If you are a guy and you find yourself unable to develop a relationship with ANY woman. I guarantee you are violating basic common principles. If you can have relationships with some women, but can't understand others or the kind you would like to understand, you are violating situational principles.


Here is another way of saying it:


If women are constantly breaking up with you, you are violating basic common principles of relating.


If you are constantly breaking up with women, you are violating situational common principles.


In either case DATING TO RELATING - the book, can help you.


Here are a few of the things you will learn from it:


-How to step-by-step develop a relationship. How to meet women and what to do on dates 1,2,3,4,5, etc.

-How to avoid the mistakes guys make in the early stages of dating. The mistakes that "doom" a relationship.


-The best defense against having a bad relationship. - perspective -- the ability to have plenty of women to chose from.


-How to have 3-5 women who want to marry you BEFORE you make a decision.


-How to prospect for and qualify women. YES, just like a salesmen, you need to qualify women to get the kind of woman who is best for you and that you can relate to effortlessly.  


-How to get women to do what you want without having to bitch at them.


-How to communicate to a woman in ways that she will understand.


-What to communicate to women about.


-When to communicate to a woman.


-How to understand what women are really saying.


-How to know what your woman really wants.


-How to have multiple relationships, arrangements, lovers and other non-traditional relationships.


-How to have multiple relationships without lying to anyone.


-How to get a woman to have the kind of relationship YOU want to have without having to lie to her.


-How NOT to lose your soul (integrity) just for a little SEX!


-How to seduce a woman. (How to get and keep any women you want!)


-How to develop and maintain Romance in a relationship forever!


-How to be a good lover! (how to satisfy women in bed)


-How to have a beautiful loving relationship with one woman the rest of your life!




MR L. Rx




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Dating to Relating - from A to Z (A man's guide to Understanding women)

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Dating to Relating

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